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The Productivity Planner

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The Productivity Planner hjälper dig att få mer gjort, på mindre tid. Kalendern bygger på beprövade tekniker för att minimera prokrastinering och maximera produktivitet. 

Kalendern är skriven på engelska. 

Förlagets egen beskrivning:
"Accomplishing your goals, dreams, and big wins begins with focusing on your most important tasks, not the busy work that makes days slip away. Built from proven productivity principles throughout history, the Productivity Planner has been designed to help you beat procrastination and get more important work done.

Accomplish Meaningful Work
Say goodbye to the days of merely being busy, but not getting any meaningful work done. The Productivity Planner helps organize your day by keeping you focused on your most important tasks of the day.

Beat Procrastination
With the Productivity Planner, you’ll work in shorter, more focused bursts called Pomodoros that will make sure you are not diluting your energy or worse, wasting your time. Email, social media, and your cell phone will not have anything on you.

Get Productive
At the end of each day you will rank how effective you were. Day by day you will learn your productivity patterns. With clear tracking in place, soon you will become one of the most productive people you know."